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My entire financial outlook has changed as a result of this seminar. I am already in the process of becoming debt free. This information has helped me. I have wanted to have a Christian dress shop for years. This seminar has encouraged me to do so.
Odessa Shackelford, Apostolic Life Center Church

This was a blessing. All of the information I have received is confirmation of what God has been speaking. This has taught me what real Kingdom Building is. I know no that I am in the right position time in order to build myself, pastor, and most important all the Kingdom of God. Thank you for sowing this seed into my life. In Jesus name it will multiply. Thank you and God Bless!

I think the seminar was outstanding. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family.
Sister Phillips, Apostolic Life Center Church

I thought that the financial seminar was very incredible and it was also a great honor to have had you to encourage m to go forth in the world of investing, business, and the greatness of these, KINGDOM BUIDLING! P.S. Thanks a lot Brother Jeffery, you are really a great advisor and encourager. Thanks a whole lot.
Joseph, The Future Architect, Apostolic Life Center Church


Why is it important to support the church?
How should I financially support the church?
What is faith giving?
What is a "Kingdom Building" mindset"?
What is my role in God's Kingdom (the church)?
Should Christian evangelize the world?

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