AOI Kingdom Events

The Wealth Building Seminar was very enlightening. It put a new fire in me for Kingdom Building.
Pastor Sarah Jackson, Apostolic Life Center Church
“A Church Built In A Day”

Dear Teacher Henderson: Our church was elated that we were the first church to experience the blessings of your business ministry’s (Alpha and Omega International, LLC) new two-day “Wealth Building and Advancing The Kingdom Seminar”. This seminar was breathe-taking and equipped our church leaders and members to think wealth-minded; including Christian investing. It also showed them how to develop an effective business plan and then start their own business which is much needed in the Kingdom of God. What I enjoyed the most is that you provided us with examples of people in the bible who were wealthy in spirit, knowledge, wisdom, health, life, finances, and business. Our church also looks forward to receiving your covenant partnership banner which denotes the following: A church body spiritually moving into 100% Bible Readers, 100% Sunday School Attendance, 100% Mid-Week Service Attendance, 100% Tithers, 100% Financially Blessing Our Pastor, 100% Maturity, 100% Education-Driven, 100% Home Ownership, 100% Business Owners, 100% Investors, 100% Evangelism, and 100% Saving our Youth. I believe that if your seminar was presented at every Christian church across this nation and world, it would take the body of Christ to a level of Kingdom Advancement that would usher in a financial break-through and revolution that the church has never experienced.
Leroy Jackson, Assistant Pastor, Apostolic Life Center Church
“A Church Built In A Day”

I thank you so very much for coming here. I have learned more last night and today that I have over the last 10 years I’ve been working. Thank you very much for your time. God bless you and yours and the work of your hands.
Anonymous, Apostolic Life Center Church

I thank God for allowing me to receive those nuggets you shared today. I feel more sure of the business God has put in me. I need to do the research and read. This has been confirmation to “GO AHEAD”.
Sister Thomasina Paige, Apostolic Life Center Church

Your seminar was very helpful. Thank you!
Brother C. Phillips, Apostolic Life Center Church

I really appreciate all the information that I have obtained from this seminar. It has encouraged me to focus on using my spiritual gifts such as writing and song writing to help build up the Kingdom of God.
Laura Starr, Apostolic Life Center Church

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