AOI Kingdom Events
Our Mission Statement

aoi’s mission is to support organizations, churches, and businesses by providing cross-denominational Christian event planning, strategic planning, training, principles, and educational programs that help leaders and individuals to be more effective in their ministries and lives.

Our Business

Our Vision and Prayer Entail This:
As a niche Christian Company, aoi’s vision is to provide unique events planning, spiritual training, and education, along with other services and products to the Christian and Non-Christian Communities. To value a Kingdom building mindset that God’s will is done; To give all glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; To value Relevant Biblical Teaching; To value the Bible as God’s Truth; To love our neighbors as ourselves; To value Servant Leadership and Excellence in ministry to honor God and to inspire individuals; To listen and watch very closely for the direction of the Holy Spirit in all of our service to His purpose; To support, in prayer and practical ways, all organizations and businesses with whatever ways and connections the Lord bridges together for each other's growth, teaching, education, and prosperity; and To let the life of Jesus Christ be our roadmap to success within our network and our relationships with each other, which allows His blessings to come forth.